District of Vanderhoof – January 22, 2018 Council Meeting

District of Vanderhoof
District of Vanderhoof

RCMP staffing, Community Group Grants in Aid, a presentation from CNC President Henry Reiser, the retirement of long-time Vanderhoof Public Librarian Jane Gray, and a variance permit for a new, larger convenience store and gas bar for the Four Rivers Co-op are on the agenda for the January 22, 2018 District of Vanderhoof Council Meeting .

RCMP – Staffing

The District of Vanderhoof continues its efforts to see increased RCMP staffing for the Vanderhoof detachment.  A letter from Deputy Commissioner Brenda Butterworth-Carr doesn’t make any commitments beyond, “Additional resources were requested in 2016 and again in 2017…” and “The business case for Vanderhoof was included in the Multi-Year Plan submitted to the Province.”

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How long has police staffing been an issue in Vanderhoof?

A December 8, 1976 Vancouver Sun newspaper article states, “The Vanderhoof detachment (of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police) is comprised of nine regular members and one civilian employee.  The average length of police service for members is just over seven years.  The rank structure of the detachment is one sergeant, one corporal and seven constables.”


The report continues, “The police population ratio was 1,400 on September 1, 1976.”  With a population at the time of 7,000 within the Vanderhoof detachment boundaries and a total detachment area of approximately 4,000 square miles the Vanderhoof detachment had “the second largest criminal caseload per man of the 18 detachments in the Prince George subdivision for all of 1975.”

On September 1, 1976 the Vanderhoof detachment received two additional general duty members, moving the police population ratio to the minimum standard of 1/1000.

Grants in Aid for Community Groups

Some Vanderhoof community groups receive annual financial support from the District of Vanderhoof, in the form of a Grant-in-Aid.  District CFO Sheila McCutcheon recommends the development of a standardized process for requests and reporting.  Her recommendation will be discussed at the January 22, 2018 Council meeting.

Currently, the District of Vanderhoof provides Grants in Aid to the following organizations:

Nechako Valley Rodeo Association $2,500
Nechako Valley Exhibition Society $4,000
Neighborhood Link $1,700
Nechako Valley Community Services Society
Mobile Crew Litter Control
Vanderhoof Hospice (Society) $625
Seniors Connected Program $14,000
Nechako Waste Reduction To Be determined
Rip’n the North $5,425
Vanderhoof Youth Center $30,000
Nechako Valley Search and Recue $5,000
Vanderhoof Public Library $143,240


Nechako Valley Search and Rescue will present at the January 22, 2018 meeting.

College of New Caledonia President Henry Reiser

Council will receive a presentation (topic not listed in the agenda) from College of New Caledonia President Henry Reiser.  It is probably safe to assume that President Reiser will be discussing the CNC budget, given that CNC will host a Public Budget Consultation Session in Vanderhoof on Wednesday, January 31 from 5:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.

The College of New Caledonia purchased property and buildings in Vanderhoof in Spring 2017.   Their press release stated:

“The new campus will consolidate a variety of programs including trades to one location in a much newer building.

“Our college is very responsive to the communities that we serve,” said CNC president Henry Reiser. “We are excited to be investing in Vanderhoof, and re-locating to the heart of the community. It will be a welcoming place for our students, community members and partners”

Student occupancy is expected in fall 2018, once the appropriate re-zoning and renovation work is completed.”

Here is hoping that President Reiser’s presentation provides information on upcoming renovations to the new Vanderhoof campus!

Retirement of Chief Librarian, Jane Gray

The Vanderhoof Public Library Board of Trustees wrote to inform the District of Vanderhoof that long-time Vanderhoof Public Librarian Jane Gray will retire effective April 28, 2018.  The position is already posted.

Four Rivers Co-op Convenience Store

Big things happening in Vanderhoof in 2018 – it looks like a new Co-op convenience store and gas bar are in the planning stages.  The Four Rivers Co-op is requesting a variance permit for its 277 First St. West location to allow for extra space for a “brand new 2628 square foot convenience store with expanded gas /diesel pumps with propane.”  Check out the proposed layout.

Proposed layout of the Vanderhoof Co-op (Four Rivers Co-op) Convenience Store and Gas Bar
Proposed layout of the Vanderhoof Co-op (Four Rivers Co-op) Convenience Store and Gas Bar