‘ilhoh uztoodelh – Walking Together

Vanderhoof’s Newest Mural

Themed ‘ilhoh uztoodelh – Walking Together, Vanderhoof’s newest mural (November 2017) was a collaborative project between Saik’uz First Nation elders and the Vanderhoof, BC Good Neighbours Committee.

Saik’uz First Nation Elder Veronique George and area rancher Rich Hobson are shown in the mural which depicts a time when people First Nations people and settlers “walked together”.

Learn how to pronounce the Carrier words ‘ilhoh uztoodelh (walking together):


The mission of the Good Neighbours Committee is to support a diverse welcoming inclusive vibrant progressive community for all.

Saik’uz First Nation Elder Arlene John speaks about what the mural theme represents for the Saik’uz First Nation Elders: