Vanderhoof, BC – Local Author Series #1 David Griffith

Vanderhoof, BC Author David Griffith The Border Series
Vanderhoof, BC Author David Griffith The Border Series


Local writer David Griffith, author of The Border Series (Blackwater Crossing, The Death Dealers, Without Redemption, and Brothers of the Blood) owns and operates a cattle ranch near Vanderhoof, BC with his wife Patricia.

Vanderhoof Appreciation

David is appreciative of the community support he receives as a Vanderhoof author:

“Vanderhoof has always offered tremendous support to writers and artists in our community, and for a small town, we have a phenomenal number of published authors. Herbert Vanderhoof, our Founder, envisioned the original settlement as a retreat for those who took up the pen. Though the fulfillment of his dream would not come to fruition in his lifetime, I think he would be pleased that the railroad whistle-stop he surveyed, now is home to a number of talented writers and artists.


I have been privileged to work with one of them, a talented young graphic artist who grew up in our valley. It has been wonderful to be able to use and promote the local talent and expertise of Katrianna Anderson. Also, I would like to give a big thank you to the local businesses who give shelf space to local authors. I know I speak for the rest of the writing community when I say it is much appreciated.”

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Artist Katrianna Anderson

Artist Katrianna Anderson, a UI and Production artist who grew up in Vanderhoof, BC designed the book cover for Brothers of the Blood and is working on the cover for the first novel in David Griffith’s new series, South of the Border, due out May 2018.  Check out Katrianna Anderson’s work. Watch for an article about Katrianna, coming soon.

About David Griffith

Author David Griffith’s books share a narrative familiar to farmers and ranchers, cowboys and cowgirls and those who ride the rodeo circuit. Horses and cattle are in David’s blood; he grew up ranching and riding, went on to the rodeo circuit where he won four regional and two national saddle bronc titles and now owns and operates his own ranch here in Vanderhoof.

He is an author that writes about what he knows, using his own life experiences to write authentic novels.

You wouldn’t think a ranch-raised rodeoing cowboy would have inside knowledge and insight into the drug world and Mexican drug cartels……

“David’s knowledge of the drug world stems from a residential real estate investment that, in his words, “brought a gullible rancher face-to-face with the devastating effects of cocaine, heroin, and methamphetamines.” The experience fostered a desire to learn more about the pipeline of death that poisons a vast swathe of our society. That journey has led to countless hours of research, a trail he continues to follow, from the Tierra Caliente of central Mexico to the Canadian border.”

About The Border Series

Lonnie Bowers is a well-developed character that readers will come to know and love.  An “Indian” kid, abandoned by his mother, father unknown and raised in a series of foster homes, only the thrill of riding bucking horses saved him from the world of drugs and booze that he seemed to be his destiny.

Single, rodeo career on life support, Lonnie Bowers is forced to come face to face with the world he so narrowly escaped when his best friend is kidnapped by a Mexican drug cartel.  Facing danger, threats and possibly death, Lonnie sets off to find his Brian and bring him home.

Fiction is blurred with real life characters of the Mexican drug cartel La Familia as Lonnie travels between the rodeo scene to Mexico and Costa Rica while dealing with one of Mexico’s most dangerous drug cartels.

“Blackwater Crossing is a suspense story but, more than that, it is a story of deep friendship and love.  Lonnie is an almost finished rodeo star, Brian is his best friend.  David Griffith has created characters that were impossible not to like and not to cheer for.”  Read full review by Trudi LePreto.

The recipient of vengeful, abusive power and control and near death in a firefight with the drug cartel lead Lonnie to reassess his life and make plans for the future.  Learning that the Blackwater Ranch is for sale, and qualifying for the richest rodeo of them all, in Calgary, Alberta, a win would solve all of Lonnie’s problems.

Can he still compete with the young riders?  Can he walk away when an agent who has saved his life countless times disappears into Mexico?   Read The Border Series and find out!

Author David Griffith’s other work

Through a good part of his life, he’s dabbled with the pen, though business and ranching concerns have often taken precedence over serious writing. At times, he’s written for a community newspaper and had articles published in national farm and ranch papers. As an award winning novelist, his books showcase an intimate knowledge of cowboy life and the land, from Canada to the Sierra Madre of Mexico.

Border Series author David Griffith’s blog provides a taste of his writing, his life and thoughts, and some of his fantastic cowboy poetry.

The Dog Fight

The Dog Fight The Border Series by David Griffith
The Dog Fight The Border Series by David Griffith

While sittin’ out in front of the Spur,
Which is our local refreshment lure.
Ben Akins and I were discussin’ cow dogs,
And horses, and cattle, and even some hogs.

And as can happen when things close to the heart,
Are discussed and argued and taken apart.
Temperatures rose and the insults flew fast,
As we defended our dogs to the last.

Read the rest of this poem

Next book out May, 2018

Author David Griffith’s next book, Free to Run is the first book in a new series, South of the Border. 

Free to Run 

Dina Rodriguez has a lightning-fast horse and a dream. But her love of barrel racing wasn’t supposed to collide with international terrorists, or an enigmatic stranger who is determined to be more than her protector. She is determined to start a new life, far from a father who collaborates with drug traffickers and terrorists. But sometimes you can’t run far enough—and there’s no place to hide.

Where to Buy

Locally, The Border Series is available at the Vanderhoof (Four Rivers) Co-op mall food floor, the Vanderhoof Department Store and Brookside Resort.

Purchases can also be made online at the authors website and at

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