World Cafe for Women – An Empowering Uplifting Event

January 18 World Cafe for Women in Vanderhoof, BC
January 18 World Cafe for Women in Vanderhoof, BC

Vanderhoof, BC World Cafe for Women

Over 70 women gathered at the Daily Perk Coffee House on Thursday, January 18 to take part in a World Café for Women organized by a group of local women whose mission is to “ignite and inspire women to live their best life by providing connection and support in a nurturing inclusive environment.”

Social Connections

The energy in the room was incredible as social connections were made and renewed.  The diverse group included long-time residents and newcomers, with one participant having moved to Vanderhoof only 5 days ago.  Women of all ages and demographics attended, for a variety of reasons – some to offer support to others, some to create stronger social connections and meet new people, others, having recently left the workforce to raise children or in retirement to build new relationships.

Support Systems for Women

Envisioning Committee founder and event MC Cindy Chipchase said the committee was formed to address identified needs in the community, the need for women to get together in safe and friendly environments to socialize, engage, participate in healthy gatherings while enjoying common interests and pursuits like inspirational movies, workshops, crafting and other creative activities.

With a theme of empowerment, uplifting, self-care, self-love and sisterhood, friendship and celebrating life, women spent the evening at a series of stations discussing specific questions and ideas.  The discussions were documented and will provide the envisioning committee with a better sense of the needs in the community.

World Cafe for Women, Vanderhoof, BC
January 18 World Cafe for Women, Vanderhoof, BC

Following the World Café for Women, Envisioning Committee member Jutta Schoenhardt shared, “It was such a fun, inspiring and motivating evening.  There are more great events like this coming in the future.  Thank you all for coming out.  It shows how big the need really is.”

The Envisioning Committee will met earlier this week to evaluate the input and information gathered during the World Café for Women.  Next steps are to host a workshop, source funding, explore governance models and hopefully create a space.

Asked how she would describe outcomes of successful programming, Cindy shared, “Women would have a place, and programs, that would inform and empower women, where strong social connections would be created and maintained, an inclusive, healthy gathering place.”


Have questions?  Contact Cindy Chipchase at or by phone or text at 250-567-0219 or Jutta Schoenhardt at

Event Sponsors

The free event received financial support from the Nechako Creative Communities Collective (NC3) and the venue compliments of the Daily Perk Coffee House.

The Nechako Creative Communities Collective, NC³ was established in 2013 and operates under the umbrella organization Nechako Healthy Community Alliance. The mission of NC³ is to actively engage diverse groups to address social, cultural and health related community issues using creative processes. The vision is to utilize the art’s as a tool to engage local communities. NC³ has put on a number of events and workshops that use dance, theatre, fine art and improv to draw understanding, conversation, and critical thinking out of its participants and the community in general.